Retail Vinyl Floor Strip & Reseal Contract Job

Here you can see before, during and after images from a commercial retail outlet’s vinyl floor cleaning and resealing.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring: Cleaning via stripping and resealing

We regularly undertake cleaning for commercial retail outlets. Due to the very high traffic and wear, a very popular surface to use within your store is a vinyl floor surface.

These can be swept, cleaned and polished in-house to some extent; but to get the best results and the best protection businesses benefit from external professional contract cleaning companies.

T&H Contract Cleaning can utilise our years of experience and our market leading cleaning products and techniques; to professionally clean and reseal your vinyl flooring.

The Cleaning Process

The first step we take is to strip back and clean the vinyl flooring. This removes all dirt and previous treatments to get back to the original surface. Once we have fully cleaned and prepared the surface, we are able to reseal the vinyl flooring.

Resealing is about protecting and prolonging your flooring. By adding a layer of protection you are not only improving the appearance, but prolonging the life of your flooring investment.

Shoppers expect to see bright, clean stores; think about it, would you buy, especially food, from a store that looked dirty?

Vinyl floor cleaning

The picture above shows the results we can achieve with our professional viny floor cleaning. We have only stripped back the floor to the original coating – there has been no resealing yet. You can really see the difference in appearance and just how much dirt and grime the floor had attracted!

More Before & After Vinyl Floor Cleaning Images

T&H Contract Services Ltd – Going the Extra Cleaning Mile

You can see from the pictures below that it isn’t just the visible flooring we tackle.

As part of our deep cleaning process we can also remove non fixed units such as ice cream freezers or hotboxes.

During Retail Floor Cleaning: Flooring Cleaned and Stripped Back

The first step of our professional contract cleaning process is to strip back and prepare the flooring for cleaning.

By fully preparing the surface we are able to move on to the next step of the process which is the resealing.

This improves the appearance of the flooring and more importantly adds a layer of protection to prolong the life of the flooring.

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