History of T&H Contract Services Ltd

Below you can read more about our history, from when we were originally formed in 1974 to our modern day structure and key staff.

Learning More About T&H Contract Services Ltd

We are a local family business which has been trading since 1974. The business was originally formed by Peter Aldridge and Sid Thomas. When Sid retired in 1984 the company passed to Peter who took over sole control and day to day running.

Over the years we have expanded our services when we have seen an opportunity to expand and improve on the services we are able to offer. We have concentrated on purchasing other local companies with different specialities, some of the companies we have purchased locally included:

  • Superclean of Havant
  • Victory Cleaning Services
  • Southbourne Cleaning Services
  • Portchester Cleaning Services

The business acquisitions also included Carpet & General Cleaning whose proprietor, Mike Aldridge, is now Operations Director of T&H Contract Services Ltd. Although he is Peter’s son, Mike created his own successful cleaning business before joining forces with his father to drive T&H Contract Services Ltd on.

Since those early days of 1974 we have increased our range of quality cleaning related services to meet our current customers ever changing demands and to take advantage of new service areas that we could bring our high quality service ethos to.

We now offer a full range of services which you can see via our services menu and despite being a local company we operate most of these services throughout the South of England from Kent to Cornwall, including London and areas around the M25.

Please enjoy our website and contact us to get the full T&H Contract Services experience.


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