RO Water – Why We Use “Clean Water” for Our Specialist Cleaning Services

RO or Reverse Osmosis water is an exceptionally pure and clean form of water. Read why this is important when it comes to cleaning…

What is RO Pure Water & Why Use It When Cleaning?

Normal tap water in the Hampshire area is a very hard water type. You can tell this from the limescale that collects in your bathroom or kitchen kettle!

It is the addition of trace mineral elements within the water that gives it it;s hard or soft properties.

When cleaning you want to remove all dirt and particles. with ordinary, non treated, tap water you may remove dirt, but you may also leave behind other trace elements.

These on their own may leave a residue or sign that they are there, or they may act as a magnetic for new dirt and dust particles to attach to!

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process where water is scientifically treated to remove all trace elements and leave water completely free of all impurities. You are left with just high quality H20.

No¬†Calcium, Phosphates, Nitrates, Sodium, Potassium or Chlorides in the water. This ultra pure water is not a natural form. Water that is this pure will actually attract trace elements and attempt to become “dirty” again.

This is where you can see a cleaning benefit. Using pure water not only doesn’t leave any cleaning residue, it actively works to absorb and attract the smallest of partices; leaving you with the best possible clean!

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RO Water Is Exceptional When Used on Windows or Carpets

Pure Water Cleaning Technology Used

All of our professional cleaners and dedicated vans use RO water for all window and carpet cleaning contracting. This helps us to achieve outstanding results each and every time.

Pure Water used on windows leaves glass absolutely residue and streak free. This can help prevent the build up of dirt and keep your glass looking better, for longer!

The other advantage of this is there is no need to use chemical cleaning treatments. This is better for the environment and again leaves less residue behind for new dirt particles to be attracted to!

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