Covid-19 Infection Control

Safeguard your premises against Coronavirus with T&H Deep Cleaning services; including our specialist Covid-19 infection control processes.

Our Covid-19 Corona Virus Infection Control Fogging Service

T&H Contract Services are already established experts when it comes to Biiohazard and Extreme cleaning.

We have ensured that our new Covid-19 infection control service uses techniques and products that have been tested and approved for infection control and eradication for Coronavirus’ and specifically Covid-19.

With many businesses and public buildings now opening for the public; ensuring effecctive infection control measures are in place, and adherred to, is the only way to help control the spread of the virus and for us to “Stay Alert”.

We offer a number of services that can help you sterilise and provide a safe environment.

Covid-19 Infection Control Fogging Service

Safeguard your premises against Coronavirus with T&H Deep Cleaning services.

Our teams use state of the art fogging machines alongside industry leading chemicals to ensure that every inch of your establishment is left virus free.  Using chemical systems compliant with BSEN14476, proven to kill Covid-19, our team are able to decontaminate your premises leaving you with peace of mind, ensuring that your customers and staff are well protected and you have fulfilled your duty of care.

We achieve outstanding results every time in all types of locations including hotels, pubs and restaurants, schools, offices and shops, gyms as well as vehicles including taxis, vans, coaches and trains.  Fogging is an effective solution for the deep cleaning and infection control in any enclosed environment where people are brought together in close proximity.

Infection Control Fogging – how it works

Our fogging machines take our sanitising solution and release it as an extremely fine mist into the air.  This mist then spreads throughout the space and settles on every surface, infiltrating gaps and hard to reach areas.

The product requires only 30 seconds contact time with the surface before drying, it then forms a long lasting barrier which will offer protections against any new virus contact for up to 4 weeks.  Any new virus settling on the surface during this period will be destroyed by the barrier left by the product

Infection Control Fogging and Our Deep Clean service

We offer a complete deep clean and fogging service.  It is strongly recommended that fogging only be carried out on physically clean surfaces, this prevents virus particles being shielded by dirt build up ensuring a complete barrier coverage of the fogging product.

Our operatives are fully trained in infection control cleaning, with a thorough cleaning service followed by application of virus prevention fogging products, to destroy any virus present and provide a barrier protection against any incoming virus for up to 4 weeks.

We will issue a certificate for all decontamination services carried out to give peace of mind to all staff and customers entering the building.

We are able to offer a 24 hour response to help keep your workplace operating safely in the event of an outbreak.

Please contact our office on 02392 730540 or email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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