Retail Floor Cleaning and Restoration in Portsmouth

T&H Contract Services were called in to a local retail outlet to rectify a poor floor restoration job from a different cleaning contractor.

See Our Floor Cleaning & Restoration Work With This Project

Our existing contract cleaning clients are more than aware of the quality of our cleaning work. Our reputation is also strong due to our decades of providing South Coast based businesses with superior cleaning quality.

Retail Floor Cleaning & Restoration in Hampshire

We have recently added a new floor cleaning and restoration job to our portfolio section (use the button below to see the full details).

However, we also felt it was newsworthy enough to mention it here on our blog as well.

This particular job involved us cleaning and restoring a retail units floor IMMEDIATELY AFTER another company had supposedly completed the work themselves!

As you can see from the image here, the floor wasn’t just left unclean, the other company had failed to follow the correct cleaning procedure for the floor tiles that were laid. This left the floor looking in a very poor state!

Cheap cleaning contractors are usually cheap for a reason. They may use inferior cleaning products, have operators not trained and experienced for your particular job or in this case a mixture of both!

We are confident our cleaning contracting is the best value for the standard of clean and will happily discuss your cleaning requirements with you…

Retail Floor Cleaning & Restoration, before and after picture

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