Professional Car Showroom Cleaning Service

Our Car Showroom Cleaning service. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning contractor then get in touch now on 02392 730 540

Our Car Showroom Cleaning Service

We look after a number of main dealer and independent car showrooms across the South Coast region. Many showrooms are designed to provide an ultra clean and light environment to show off the vehicles the dealer is attempting to sell. We look after showrooms that have carpeted floors, matt hard floors and also ultra shine flooring.

Due to our experience and range of cleaning services we are able to professionally and cost effectively cater for any of your needs. We can create a maintenance plan to suit your individual requirements and we can ensure that the high trafficked showroom that you rely on for your business is kept in A1 condition for you.

One other aspect of car showrooms is the fact they usually feature a vast amount of glass and windows – you’re not going to sell a car that the public can’t see! Even if you are happy to look after the general cleaning of the interior of your showroom – allow us to professionally ensure your exterior is fully optimised for you to display and sell your vehicles!

Additional & Emergency Cleaning Service

We are happy to attend and deal with any emergency situation that may occur within your showroom.  From cleaning vehicle fluids and oils to sanitising any other mishaps  that may occur from a car showroom that is exposed to a high level of customer footfall.

We’ve even been able to help with our professional upholstery cleaning service when someone managed to squish chewing gum in to the seat of one of the brand new cars within a showroom we look after.

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